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article marketing strategyThe way in which you construct and lay out your article content should be no different than when you are writing to distribute an article to any of the Article marketing directories or for your own website or blog.

The use of keywords and phrases are critical for each and every piece of content you write, keywords and important phrase choice will be the main reason in which targeted readers and search engine find your content. Each and every keyword or phrase ought to be thoroughly researched then further analysed from competitor websites to see which websites are utilizing those search terms .

You then have to determine if the information you have collected can be implemented in to your article marketing strategy and does it tie in with the theme of your content, website or blog.

Article Marketing Strategy – Start Building your Article

If from the the off set you don’t like to write or believe that  you just are not efficient at crafting good content or articles it would be a good idea to first browse the Internet for the very best rated articles in article submission sites… Ezine Article, Article Base just to name a few.

There you’ll be able to review and see how some of the best writers  construct their content, and see exactly how they encourage a reader down towards the author resource box at the bottom of the page.

You will notice that the content and pages are created using brief paragraphs and written in a conversational style making it easy for your reader to understand. Do not write or construct your article like you would  during your school days! Forget about grammar and write it in the same way you would talk to one of your friends.

Make sure you leave plenty of White space!  What your visitor should not be met with  is something that resembles a dissertation! The thought of reading something that looks like a mass block of words is just off putting from the off set… Leave plenty of white space which is free from words… make your content simple, quick and easy to read.

When submitting your content to the article directories Don’t ever put links to your business or any other offer inside the structure of your content. Your article probably wont be accepted, any links to your website or blog can only be added to your author resource box.

Article Marketing Strategy – Creating Eye Popping Headlines That Suck Your Reader In!

Its a fact that most people do not read all the content on the page unless it’s a book or some kind of novel. When creating a headline just think of it as a news paper article that needs to draw the reader in. They are looking for specific phrases or words that relate to their current problem or question.

Using keywords or phrases in the headlines will allow the reader to immediately skip to the parts of your article that interest them most. Eye catching Headings in articles are Equally as important as the content  itself.

Crazy as it sounds and we are all guilty of it! But the majority of  readers will have a tendency to first run their eyes down the page, scouring for keywords and phrases applicable to their search… Once the reader is satisfied at a glance, they will then go back to the start and start reading with more intent!

Article Marketing Strategy – The Meat & Potatoes of Your Article

The search engines have certain algorithms and prefer that you to have your keyword or phrases at the beginning of your article and again numerous times in the body of the content and in the final sentence on the page.

Many individuals searching the Internet trying to find solutions to particular problems or enquiries need to have that specific keyword or phrase slapping them about the face. That is what they are looking for so don’t make it difficult for them to find. Your article needs to be enlightening and useful, driving the reader down towards the bottom of the page where your author resource box is.

Inside the resource box is where you want to put your call to action, motivating the reader to click the link for the solution to their problem. A strong call to action is the finale to your content and the first part of your article marketing strategy to entice your reader on to your lead capture page.

Although you’re article writing needs to appeal to the search engines, you must keep in mind it’s men and women who’re reading your article. “Never”  fall into the trap of writing for the search engines because you will find yourself in a catch 22 situation with your content not being read at all.

Practise does make perfect and it does get considerably easier after you have written a couple of articles. Keep an eye on your content regularly and determine which articles are generating the most traffic and leads.

  • Point to note: Incorporating bullet points are always a good idea to makes written content appear more structure, attractive and breaks up the content on the page.
  • When you are satisfied that that you have created good and informative content and your article is ready for the eyes of the big bad worldwide web, you can then submit it to which ever directory you want.

Article Marketing Strategy – Take It To The Next Level

If you want to take your article marketing strategy one step further you can “spin” your article and submit it to hundreds of other article marketing directories. The purpose of rewriting the content is to ensure that every single article is unique and different so that the search engines like Google can index your article and not disregard it as duplicate content. (There a lot of article marketing sevices that can help)

Having an effective article marketing strategy from the off set will undoubtedly ensure your online success. There is a always a learning curve when learning new skills but what is vitally important is that you learn these skills from marketers that have been around the block a bit.

So many article marketers fail online because they don’t have an effective article marketing strategy or  they simply follow the wrong or out dated advice and courses...

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