How to Install WordPress – Step by Step Video Taking You Through The Whole Process… 5 Minutes and You’re Done…

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How to Install WordPress… The Light Bulb Moment!

How to install wordpress

How to install wordpress

So now that you have searched for your domain name, which should incorporate a keyword of some description. Either a word that people are typing in to Google or a word that brands yourself or your business (The best tool in which to find your domain name is Instant Domain Search) you then need to register that domain.

The best company to register your domain name with, is Name Cheap. Its cheap, has a free whois gaurd and is very user friendly.

Once you have registered that domain with your hosting provider, you then obviously need to know how to install wordpress on to that specific domain. The whole process on how to install wordpress is made very simple if you have Easy Web Hosting and a user friendly c-panel.

All you now need to do to know how to install WordPress is log into your hosting provider, click on your C-panel tab, in the section site builders you want to click on WordPress. You will then be taken to the  installation preferences page, where you can assign a domain to install wordpress on. If its your first domain it will self populate and if you have several domains you will be able to chose from the drop down menu.

(make your choice of domain)

Then further down the page you can input your admin deatils and give your site a name, you will have a choice of WordPress plug-ins… Unchecked them as you don’t need them and at the bottom of the page just press install….

…How to install wordpress? its a peiice of cake!

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How To Install WordPress… Its just rediculous why so many people fail

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How to install wordpress

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