How To Install WordPress Theme! Step by Step Tutorial showing You Exactly How To Install WordPress Theme, Giving You a Choice of 3 Themes…


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How To Install WordPress Theme…

How to install wordpress theme

How to install wordpress theme

How to install WordPress theme in 3 very easy steps! If you are new to WordPress and you want to know how to install WordPress theme, then just follow these simple steps… the whole process is very simple!

Now that you have managed to install WordPress on to your domain, we used Bluehost as our hosting account in the previous videos ( I highly recommend Bluehost). These next few steps should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete.

How To Install WordPress Theme  STEP #1:

Simply download the WordPress theme that you wish to install. In video I gave you the choice of 3. You can stick with a simple WordPress theme or any of the free or paid themes I recommended. Save the WordPress theme zip file to a place on your PC or laptop (do not open it, leave it unzipped. I always save the file to my desktop until I have finished working with it, then I assign  it to a folder.

How To Install WordPress Theme  STEP #2:

Log-in to your WordPress dashboard  (  Click on the appearance tab and again on themes and then click on install theme. It really is this simple! Now you need to browse for the zip file theme that you had saved on your desktop… Or which ever location you saved it to.

How To Install WordPress Theme STEP#3:

Once you have located your files, double click it, the file will self populate. Further down the page you will see a tab with install on it (click it) and guess what? That’s it for ” How to install WordPress theme?… Job Done! The whole process in a piece of cake 🙂

These are the 3 themes that I have personally used…

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CLICK HERE: How To Install WordPress Theme Thesis. The Thesis theme  really is great, perfect for a blog,  landing pages and more but does require a little technical knowledge, don’t worry! Thesis do provide fantastic tutorials. The added bonus with this theme is that you can pretty much create any kind of template or look to your blog or website.

CLICK HERE: How To Install WordPress Theme  Flexibility 3. The Flexibility 3 Theme I use when I first started out on-line simply because it was free, they do have a paid version (which i have never used) but if you are on a tight budget a you want a great looking blog… for nothing! Flexibility is just the ticket.

How To Install WordPress Theme… The Non Techie Solution!

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how to install wordpress theme

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