Lead Generation Process – The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God…

lead generation processLeads are the life blood in any kind of successful business weather it’s a traditional bricks and mortar company or an Internet business.  Any Lead generation process is a critical component  for your success or in deed short and long term prosperity.

There are however both good and bad methods of lead generation and invariably if you get your lead generation process wrong its end of business and an unhealthy bank balance.

The lead generation process needs to be quickly implemented into your business plan by doing so it will give you the best possible start both on or off-line . What is most important is that you have a lead generation process in place that can identify qualified leads and start funneling your responsive leads in to a sales funnel…

….Fail to do this at your earliest opportunity and your conversion rates will be low and your business will crack in no time at all.

Make no mistake about it and take good head !  The lead generation process is labor intensive in the beginning and does require a learning curve. if you fail to get the right information and don’t hit the ground running you will soon find yourself up the creek without a paddle!

Lead Generation Process – Off-line First

The off-line lead generation process can at times be real hard work. First you have to drive to your appointment which can be time consuming depending on the traffic and distanced. it can also be costly on fuel with no guarantee the face to face meeting will be any kind of success.  The same can be said for calling leads. On a good day it can take a few phone calls, on another day it can take hours to get a one good result.

If the leads are taken from fliers or forms filled out at trade shows, those leads have to be  put into a database, the leads then have to be qualified and put into the sales process. You may have to send out information which has its own costs but irrespective of any lead generation process, if you don’t have the ability to close the sale… The whole lead generation process is useless.

“Poor closing skills results in poor sales and poor sales means no business”

So is it the same online?

Lead Generation Process – On-line

The Online lead generation process looks to be much more simple on the face of it, but if you have been around the internet for any period of time or if you’re the owner of your own M.L.M or network marketing company, you know that could’nt be any further from the truth.

Lets face it, when you are starting out on the Internet you are the small fish in a big pond and it takes time and plenty of cash to put a good lead generation process in place and a lot more to keep it going and then some to get the desired success! The major problem online is getting started, nobody knows you are.

If you have  no credibility the problem can be resolved but it does require a tidy some of cash. If you have plenty of  money to invest in your business you will undoubtedly have a better chance of success. I know it sucks but that’s the truth…. You need to spend good money to advertise and market correctly in order to present yourself as a leader.

Do you need to spend  a ton of money or can you leverage success?

Lets look at what is involved here and what you need to succeed…

A good blog or website is needed so your leads can get the right information and a place for you to build a long and lasting relationship. You need tried, tested and proven methods of  lead generation, possibly article marketing, video marketing with a good back linking structure. Possibly paid marketing with either, Google, Facebook, Solo or Banner ads. You need good copy writing skills, with the finale being a great call to action leading to a high converting sales funnel.

Sound good? Easy enough?

Would putting all this in place guarantee your success…. maybe?

So why in heck are Internet marketers failing at a ridiculous rate, dropping like flies and making no cash online?


...Too many people in Internet marketing simply give up at the first hurdle and join the majority of others who’ve failed. Its just crazy the amount of folk that embark on their Internet journey with the attitude that its no more than a walk in the park. What defies belief is the fact that we’re in the worst Economy ever, there are very few jobs and yet the opportunity of a life time goes begging with out any real effort or commitment… Tragic!

If you believe that success in any capacity will just land on your lap you need to give yourself a good shake, wake up and smell the coffee.

So what should you do?lead generation process


What you need from the off set is a lead generation process that is literally capable of offering good results and one that can help any entrepreneur to remain in control of their budget and the whole lead generation process. You need a system that can give you choice, you need a system that can teach budding entrepreneurs the most current and up to date lead generation process of acquiring fresh, targeted, qualified leads…

…You need a lead generation process that is affordable, scalable and one that allows you time to have a life.

Lead Generation Process – The Nuts and Bolts

That lead generation process is available but it is only available to those individuals that are committed to being successful and wont fall at the first hurdle. You need to give yourself 30 days from now to put in place the lead generation process that is right for you, you then need to implement what you learn for a further 60 days. 90 days is what you need to achieve true on-line success.

There is no one push button solution! Sure there is software to help in every aspect of the lead generation process, but even the software requires some learning!

I press this upon you you because it is the truth and unless you have a sh*t load of money to burn you need to learn some new skills, follow a step by step blueprint and above all “Never Quit”.

Your choice is very simple… Either you learn a new set of skills and implement a lead generation process that is proven to work or continue with what you have been doing… failing to make any money online 🙂

I know its direct and to the point but that’s the reality… People give up, often an inch from the finish line!

So Here’s some much needed ground breaking News…

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Next: You, 2 Homeless men and the Perfect Lead Generation Process… SUCCESS AT LAST!

To Your Success,
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