Attraction Marketing System Turns the Arena of Traditional Marketing on its Head…


attraction marketing systemHistorically, if people wanted to sell products to the general public, they needed to go out and find people to sell to. This could mean hours of cold calling or trudging the streets, and more often than not the result was no sales, frustration and a severe sense of being rejected… Hard work!

The attraction Marketing System is totally different and is founded upon the principle that rather than go and find people to sell to, people should want what you’re selling, track you down and purchase with ease.

If you’re a Network Marketer or have a Multi-Level Marketing business, Attraction Marketing is the simplest way to do business. There is no need to waste your time running after disinterested People who are no more interested in your product or service than they are the man on the moon. Instead your time should be free to focus on more profitable aspects of your business like promotions and building long and lasting business relationships with the right kind of prospect.

“The people you attract to your opportunity should be pre-qualified, desire your products or service and should be willing and eager to become part of your team”.

Traditional methods of selling in this day and age are usually outdated, confusing, intimidating and in truth mostly a waist of time. That being said, it still does not distract from the fact people still enjoy purchasing products and services. In some instances old school does work and I know a few sales people that can produce in that arena but in all honesty they are very few and far between.

An Attraction Marketing system is somewhat different and the perfect solution to an age old problem…

The Attraction Marketing System‘s key focus is to take the desire to purchase and satisfy the buyer with a good quality product that they need and want. However, Attraction marketing is based upon the idea that the best advertisement for ANY Company or product is YOU… Yes YOU!

Here’s the reason why?

Today, we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we go. No matter what we do… watching TV, driving your car, catching a bus….  advertisements everywhere! Every 5 minutes the radio will belt out an advertisement, the TV has an endless stream of adverts and the Internet is no different… its constant. Our brain is now conditioned to switch off from adverts but no matter how much advertising we are inundated with, one plain truth remains “People buy from People”.

This implies that figuratively speaking, You become the company and the company brand is You. You, Your story… just another person with the same struggles and problems as an everyday person, the only difference… you found the solution. With an Effective Attraction Marketing System you can now connect with your prospect on an emotional level.

Of course you have got to use selling techniques to persuade your prospects to purchase or join your merry band. But, it is done a more relaxed manner with less aggressive strategies than what you may have been taught or practised in the past. The whole process is very simple… You show your prospect the way your product will benefit them and how it is working or improved your life. Primarily your product becomes the answer to your prospects problem.

The same principle can be applied when you are ready to build your down-line. Its much better to recruit people into your business on emotions rather than give them the usual features and benefits of your company or product. There are far too many companies stating the same old boring crap ” We are the best, our products are the best… blah, blah, blah ” It just does not work anymore, period!

OK Tony, great in theory but its the worst Economy in a Life time… What chance have I got to Succeed?

Sure, we are in the mist of what can only be described as a disastrous economy and the worst in a life time but, do not let that hold you back. There are countless thousands if not millions of people looking for a better way or searching for a better method of making additional cash. There are also loads of Network Marketers who are looking to change their business for any amount of reasons…

…98% of Network Marketers are the ideal target! Most will have experienced failure, dejection and frustration, don’t simply tell then how great your opportunity is though. They’ve probably heard it all before and the hard sell will go down like a lead balloon. You have got to convince them that with your opportunity they can have the business they actually want, and the right vehicle to bring them success.

What can an Attraction Marketing System  do for Me?

An Attraction Marketing System is an extremely easy system to implement into any traditional MLM marketing business. Sure some Network Marketers will need to change their strategies and attitude while others will take to it like a duck to water. With a proven system such the Empower Network you can be on the road to success fast.

With Empower Network Attraction Marketing System You become the hunted and not the hunter so you can build Your thriving business efficiently. The Empower Network has taken the concept of an Attraction Marketing System combined it with a Blogging and Education platform and given all of its members a fully functional Marketing System to hit the ground running.

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